Private Equity

Private Equity

Capstone takes advantage of attractive opportunities in the real estate sector in Lebanon to create high quality real estate developments. We capitalize on our knowledge of the market and reliable business contacts to source valuable opportunities, and employ a rigorous approach and strategy to bring a project from thought to finish.

Each prospective opportunity is analyzed by Capstone with regard to its potential risks and rewards, and is based on a disciplined process, as follows:

Financial Feasibility And Business Plan Preparation

Each investment opportunity is assessed through a comprehensive financial feasibility study and cash flow analysis identifying its growth and profitability drivers. Furthermore, a detailed business plan is prepared that outlines Capstone’s vision and strategy with regards to the project throughout the development period, from land acquisition until final disposition of the assets.

Due Diligence

Extensive due diligence is undertaken in relation to legal, regulatory, financial, competitive and market issues, in addition to principal risk factors. In any land acquisition, performing proper legal and financial due diligence is crucial to the success of the project.

Financial And Legal Structuring

Capstone formulates the most favorable debt/equity mix and devises the most advantageous legal structure to optimize the fiscal benefits and maximize returns.

Transaction Execution

Capstone executes the acquisition of the land within a defined time-frame and through a disciplined strategy by coordinating the execution of the transaction with all the concerned parties.

Investment Monitoring And Exit

Through its real estate development arm, Capstone manages the development through all its stages and until the realization of the project.